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We transform your ideas into attractive text - snappy, flowing, elegant, depending on your need. We prepare all kinds of text, including press articles, brochures, booklets and books, corporate publications and exhibition texts.

General Writing & Editing

One of our strengths is putting complex ideas - scientific, historical and other specialist information - into an accessible, easy-to-read form.

Southern Quest - Original Writing
Island Weddings - Original writing
Heroes of the Huon (editing)
Ice in the Rigging - Editing
Heroes of the Huon - Editing


Publications such as annual reports and product disclosure statements are important for a corporation's positive public image. We are experienced in presenting corporate information in an attractive, readable form that puts the corporation in the best possible light.

Product Disclosure Statements
(GDA Securities Ltd)
Annual Report (Hydro Tasmania)


With long experience in museum exhibition, South Wind has special skills in getting across the maximum amount of information in the smallest number of words. Our work includes text for the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery's new Antarctic and Southern Ocean exhibits.

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